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Using PictrueBox on 508/VS2005/VB


I have done my first FP GUI for the real production robot. It was pretty simple for a newbie like me. Thanks for the new features of 5.08 release !

It was easy to access RAPID and create NumPad for user inputs. It was fast and simple to read/write robot variables with data binding, but...

The most simple thing on the GUI - add PictureBox does not work on on my solution image  Is there something I did not catch on the manual that should aware of ??

If I just create an empty view and test it on FP it works, but when I add just one simple picture ( using System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox) it does not start on FP anymore.

        'PictureBox1<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


        Me.PictureBox1.Image =  Type(resources.GetObject("PictureBox1.Image"), System.Drawing.Image)

        Me.PictureBox1.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(250, 150)

        Me.PictureBox1.Name = "PictureBox1"

        Me.PictureBox1.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(50, 50)




        Me.AutoScaleMode = System.Windows.Forms.AutoScaleMode.Inherit

        Me.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.LightGray


        Me.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(640, 390)


Is there something I should change on the code, or just add the picture on the Properties ? Where should the picture be copied on FP ?

Teemu Rantala
Software Driver
ABB Oy, Finland


  • Ingela


    Is it on the Virtual FlexPendant that you have this problem? There is a remaining problem in 5.08 on the Virtual FlexPendant that causes the problem that you describe. On the real FlexPendant I have not heard of any problems of this kind. (Please let me know if it is a real FP)

    For the Virtual FlexPendant the easiest workaround is to remove the last parameter of the TpsView attribute. The default is Manual, so it won't make any difference if it is an application meant to be started from the ABB menu.

    // Compliance Tool Info

    TpsView("Hello World", "tpu-Operator32.gif", "tpu-Operator16.gif", "TpsViewIRC5App17.dll", "TpsViewIRC5App17.TpsViewIRC5App17", StartPanelLocation.Left, TpsViewType.Static, StartupType = TpsViewStartupTypes.Manual)]

    The problem is documented in an RSI like this: "There is a remaining problem on the Virtual FlexPendant resulting in a CustomAttributeFormatException exception.The problem occurs when the SDK application is built towards a different revision compared to the one running. The problem is related to embedded images.
    There are a number of work-arounds:
    1. Recompile the SDK application towards a Robot Application Builder with the same revision number as the running system.
    2. Remove the StartupType assembly attribute assignment in the SDK TpsView header, i.e., for the TpsView remove StartupType = TpsViewStartupTypes.....)"

    Best regards,

    Ingela Brorsson
    Software Engineer
    ABB Robotics, Sweden
  • Teemu

    Tackar Ingela,

    Everything you said was correct image I tested the example on real controller and it started up with picture - without errors.

    I used the workaround #2. I removed the parameter of the TpsView attribute. And now it is running on RS also. For debugging I am using RS 5.08 BETA, with RW 5.08.1005.1, but lets wait the official release of RS and try the workaround #1 later...

    Sorry, that I have not read the RSI carefully enoght, but as a punishment that caused me two days struggling with the stupid errors image


    Teemu Rantala
    Software Driver
    ABB Oy, Finland