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Can I test multiple robot controllers with one PC SDK application ?

We have a custom made virtual Robotic production cell with 3 Robots (IRB 6700 235 ) and a communication tool to connect with Robotstudio.

I have the backup file for each of the three robots, with target points and paths (in Robotstudio).

I want to test the operation of this cell (with 3 robots) simultaneously with a C# application using PC SDK.

Will this be possible ? Thanks in advance.


  • steph
    Hi Vikram,
    I am a beginner with PC SDK but I know how to connect to a real or virtual robot controller. So if all three are online in you network, you can test some examples of PC SDK (e.g. show a list of all robot controllers).
    With this example you can get mastership of at least one robot.
    Since every controller has a unique ID (i think it is called Guid) you can differ between these controllers in your code.

    Maybe this helps a bit. I don't have experience with Multimove or more than one robot in the simulation, sorrry.

  • vikram6892
    edited November 2018
    Hello Steph,
    Thank you for you reply.
    As you said, I wish to take control (Mastership) over these 3 robot (virtual) controllers simultaneously. Because all 3 robots handles the workpiece surrounding single turntable.
    So my application in turn has to control them.
    Sadly, I too don't have experience with Mutlimove option.
  • scottdf93
                ControllerInfoCollection controllers = new ControllerInfoCollection();

                foreach (Controller controller in controllers)
                    IMastershipResource mastershipResource = controller;
                    controller.MastershipPolicy = ControllerMastershipPolicy.Automatic;