How to switch to automatic mode

IRB 14000 Yumi

When I try to run programs in automatics mode, I always get the following error message on the FlexPendant:

Start failed. The operation was rejected by the controller safety access restriction mechanism.

What should I do to enable automatic mode for Yumi?


  • YuGo
    YuGo Italy - SSG
    Hey @xzxben, could you plese give us more informations (or images) about your problem?
    The XS9 safety socket is correctly connected?
    Do you have any errors in your program?
    Are you using system input signals to start/stop the execution? 
    Are you able to swich from manual to automatic or change the motors state?

    Maybe this lots of questions could help us to identify your problem.

  • xzxben
    xzxben beijing
    edited October 2018
    Thank you. I didn't connect anything to XS9. What should be done with it?

    Programs are fine.
    I didn't use I/O signals.
    I can change manual to automatics mode and the motors state.
  • YuGo
    YuGo Italy - SSG
    Hi @xzxben  
    nothing, in the XS9 you don't have to plug anything, just leave the original socket attached.
    Are you able to jog the robot with the joystick?

    You can try to do an I-Start (reset system) and then reload the rapid module in the tasks (don't do a restore).

    Hoping this help.
    Regards, U