Remote operator dialog box can't send answer

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I’m trying to create a remote operator dialog with my PC app but can’t get the SendAnswer() method to work.

I have followed this guide:

I have managed to catch the event, create a operator dialog and display header & messages. But I can’t return answer to robotcontroller.

I have tried the following code both on a virtual and a real controller.

I don’t get any error messages when trying the send the answer, nothing just happens.

If I answer the operator dialog on the robotcontroller my dialog is closed in the PC app so abort message is working fine.

Tpwrite & Tperase also works fine, and everything with uimsgbox works except sendanswer.


First I have created a subscription on the event.

//subscribing to event

This is my eventhandler.

void OnUIInstructionEvent(object sender, ABB.Robotics.Controllers.RapidDomain.UIInstructionEventArgs e) {

This is my operator window object:


public partial class uimsgbox : UserControl


I have created 7 buttons because I have tried every message available to return but none of them works.


Rapid code for messagebox:



Image of operator dialog in PC app.

Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong?

I have tried everything I can think of.


Robotware: 6.07

PC SDK: 6.07

PC: Windows 10 pro

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  • Excuse me for the crappy indentation I have tried to format the post in a readable fashion but it's not really displayed as in the editor. 
  • Thank you @Johannes Weiman this solved the problem.

    The manual was a little bit tricky to understand when it states "There is no mastership handling involved in using Remote operator dialog."

    But all good now thanks! 
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