Problem about Boot Application


I was going to download a new system to the controller(IRC5) via “System Builder” in RobotStudio 6.07. But it showed “there is not enough space on it”.

 I searched on the Internet and someone suggested that I can delete the current system in the controller. So, I deleted the old system.

Then I tried downloading my system and it was successful.

Then I clicked on the “yes” button to restart the controller. However, I took me to the boot application showed on the FlexPendant, like this:

Then I clicked on “Select System”, I cannot see the downloaded system which was showed has downloaded successfully in RobotStudio.

I tried to download from RobotStudio again, it showed that “not enough space” again.

I also tried to make a boot media from the backup to a USB stick to install it, the problem was still “not enough space”.


Overall, at the moment, I cannot download a system, I cannot delete a system, I cannot do anything. What I can see is just this browser after restarting the controller.


Could someone tell me what I can do to solve this? Thank you very much!