How to update system image of a flexpendant ?

I try to send and recieve messages through PC SDK. How to do this ? I followed the steps in manual, but failed.

Error in Robotstudio :
--> IRMQMessage instruction needs Flexpendant

Error in Visual Studio :
--> Unhandled exception for the IPCMessage object myQueue

Thanks in advance.


  • scottMHA
    Do you have the PC Interface option on the controller?
  • I don't understand your question. I am working only with virtual controller (from the backup files) in RobotStudio.
  • scottMHA
    Going by the the error message on the virtual pendant you are missing build options in the controller... "616-1 PC Interface" and "617-1 FlexPendant Interface"

    These are additional options you need to select when building a virtual controller, If this has not been selected you will never get it to work. This is also the case with online controllers, if the online controller doesn't have these options whatever you are developing will not work in the real world.

    You can get the system.xml file in the system folder to see if its selected.