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Log off User in combination with RAB


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I have a problem with a Rab application in (5.07 and 5.08).


When I open a screen (For Example "Screen Test") from my "Main Screen", I used timer_tick event for updating the screen every 1000Ms. When I close back from "Screen Test" to "Main Screen" there is no problem at all. But.


When I select the ABB Menu and then select "Log On" Menu, and select for example "Default User" I get an error "Null Reference" from the timer_tick event in the "second" not opened screen.


I already tried to disable the timer when I close the "second screen" (Deactivate), and enable this timer when I open the "second screen". (Activate)


Can somebody help me with this problem?




  • PerSvensson

    Dont' really know how your application works but it sound like you aren't creating and disposing your timer object correctly between the screens.

    Per Svensson
    Robotics and Vision Specialist
    Consat Engineering