No templates in VisualStudio (Creating new Robostudio AddIn)

steph Switzerland
Hello und Grüezi,

like a lot of other beginners I try to implement my own RobotStudio Add-In. Point of start: "Creating a RobotStudio Add-In"

I downloaded and installed  the file "RobotStudio SDK.6.08.8148.0134.exe"  (with admin-priviledges).
After installation of the RobotStudio SDK I expected to have "new templates" in my Visual Studio 2017:
"Open visual Studio and select New Project.... From the list of available templates, select either RobotStudio 6.03 Empty Add-in and choose a name for the project."

But unfortunately there are no new templates.
Does anybody face the same problem?

Atm I am able to create normal VisualStudio-Projects and use all important ABB references (I mean all *.dll-files like "using ABB.Robotics.RobotStudio.Environment;")
Therefore I can execute many examples of ABB like getting controller list and so on but I don't know how to create a own Add-In (in RobotStudio) without having these templates available.

Just wanna have a new Ribbon called "myRibbon" with a Button called: "Hello-World". After pressing the button there should appear a MessageBox with HelloWorld.

RobotStudio 6.07.01 (64-Bit)
Microsoft VisualStudio 2017

Does anybody see my fault?
Thanks in advance



  • scottMHA
    scottMHA Luton, United Kingdom

    I'm pretty sure its the PC SDK that contains the templates the RobotStudio SDK is just the API. So you need to download and install that.
  • svoldgaard
    svoldgaard Denmark ✭✭
    I got VS 2019 and had the same problem.

    Then I found out, thet I could copy the templates from:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\SDK\RobotStudio SDK 6.08\ProjectTemplates
    <User>\Documents\Visual Studio 2019\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#

  • The location of the template files for 2020 RS SDK: C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB\SDK\RobotStudio 2020 SDK\ProjectTemplates

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer