No templates in VisualStudio (Creating new Robostudio AddIn)

stephsteph Switzerland
Hello und Grüezi,

like a lot of other beginners I try to implement my own RobotStudio Add-In. Point of start: "Creating a RobotStudio Add-In"

I downloaded and installed  the file "RobotStudio SDK.6.08.8148.0134.exe"  (with admin-priviledges).
After installation of the RobotStudio SDK I expected to have "new templates" in my Visual Studio 2017:
"Open visual Studio and select New Project.... From the list of available templates, select either RobotStudio 6.03 Empty Add-in and choose a name for the project."

But unfortunately there are no new templates.
Does anybody face the same problem?

Atm I am able to create normal VisualStudio-Projects and use all important ABB references (I mean all *.dll-files like "using ABB.Robotics.RobotStudio.Environment;")
Therefore I can execute many examples of ABB like getting controller list and so on but I don't know how to create a own Add-In (in RobotStudio) without having these templates available.

Just wanna have a new Ribbon called "myRibbon" with a Button called: "Hello-World". After pressing the button there should appear a MessageBox with HelloWorld.

RobotStudio 6.07.01 (64-Bit)
Microsoft VisualStudio 2017

Does anybody see my fault?
Thanks in advance



  • scottMHAscottMHA Luton, United Kingdom

    I'm pretty sure its the PC SDK that contains the templates the RobotStudio SDK is just the API. So you need to download and install that.
  • svoldgaardsvoldgaard Denmark ✭✭
    I got VS 2019 and had the same problem.

    Then I found out, thet I could copy the templates from:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\SDK\RobotStudio SDK 6.08\ProjectTemplates
    <User>\Documents\Visual Studio 2019\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#

  • The location of the template files for 2020 RS SDK: C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB\SDK\RobotStudio 2020 SDK\ProjectTemplates

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
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