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I am trying to setup the factory network for ABB IRC5 controller. I am following the method suggested in the getting started manual (see image below)

1. To make the connection between a wall LAN port (factory LAN network) and the WAN port of the controller, Our IT admin wants to know the MAC address of the WAN port. The MAC has to be white-listed before any connection can be realized. Can anyone direct me to where I can find the MAC address for the WAN port?

I know that WAN port has DHCP enabled by default and we can also manually set the IP address for the WAN port using X-start procedure. 

2. Can I use the following method of connection and still achieve the same functionality as above?

The switch in the above figure is an additional Ethernet Switch inside the IRC5 cabinet (Not the Multi-move switch). The idea behind this configuration is to have both IRC5 and PLC to have access to internet. The PLC has ability to publish IoT messages through MQTT protocol. 




  • DenisFRDenisFR FRANCE ✭✭
    Does your PLC have two networks?
    It's better to dissociate your Profinet network and Internet.
    You can get robot WAN MAC by using WireShark on a computer connected to it.
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    DenisFR said:
    Does your PLC have two networks?
    It's better to dissociate your Profinet network and Internet.
    You can get robot WAN MAC by using WireShark on a computer connected to it.
    Yes, my PLC will have two networks. I plan to use Ethernet/IP to send messages to robot and the connection to factory network (internet) to publish and receive IoT data. Could you suggest me a way to make these connections without any conflicts? 

    What is the better way to disassociate two networks? PLC can only have one IP address. Maybe use LAN 1 or LAN 2 for Ethernet/IP.

    Factory network (wall ethernet port) --> switch
    Switch --> PLC
    Switch --> WAN port
    Switch --> LAN2

    Could this configuration work?
  • rakshithb174rakshithb174 United States
    @DenisFR I tried using Wireshark to find out MAC for WAN and LAN2 ports in IRC5. I was only able to get MAC for LAN2 port. Is it the same for WAN?  Also, do you think the network setup described above will work for PLC with two networks?
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    I have the same question. Also wanting to use an EtherNet/IP connection to a PLC separate from the external programming (front-panel service) port, also known as LAN, ie LAN1.

    My IRC5 LAN3 is connected to the external field-bus EtherNet/IP port at the bottom cable connection plate for external access. I also have LAN2 connected internally to the included internal Ethernet switch on the door. It has three other connections that go down to the cable connection plate to provide three additional external EtherNet/IP connections. Finally, my IRC5 WAN port is internally connected to a port on the cable connection plate called "Ext. LAN Conn."

    My PLC is installed inside the IRC5 cabinet, and I want to internally connect it's EtherNet/IP Master via a patch cable to either LAN2 (via an open port on the ethernet switch on the door) or LAN3 directly on the IRC5 controller.

    In RS, I see that by default, that there is an "Internal" EIP Device set up as an adapter (slave):

    However, it is connected to the Industrial Network "EtherNetIP"
    This network is configured by default to connect the "Private Network" as shown below....

    ...and the Private Network is the Service Port network, as shown below? It seems that it is configured to use LAN (LAN1?), ie the front panel service port.)

    There are no other EIP devices set up in the system using either LAN2 or LAN3, or the WAN, nor is there a communication setting using those ports, by default.

    So then, it is possible to set up a new "IP Setting" in Communication Configuration for using one of the other ports for EIP, BUT there is no option to use LAN2. Only LAN, LAN3 or WAN:

    As it is, I see no way to use the internal switch at all, since it is connected to LAN2. What is it's IP number? How would those 3 external EIP ports connected to this switch be utilized?
    (Let's say I don't need it and use LAN3 instead.)

    I can create a new "EIP_Network" as shown above that uses "," for example, on LAN3.

    Q: Do I then try to reconfigure the Internal EtherNet/IP Adapter (shown in the first screen shot) to use my new "EIP_Network" on LAN3? Or make a new EIP Device and leave the EIP_Internal Device alone?

    Will this default static VLAN setting mess with me in this case? What does this do?

    Thanks for any help on this.

    - Jay
  • JaycephusJaycephus United States ✭✭
    I had edited the previous comment extensively, but I had posted it and can't edit it or deleted it.

    In the interim from initially posting the above comment, I discovered that my Beckhoff EtherNet/IP Master has a problem with connecting to the ABB internal pre-set EIP Adapter (slave) using the manual's information.

    From the manual:

    But the EDS file referred to in the manual defines two Assemblies (Input & Output), and has the following line under "Connection1":
    "20 04 24 80 2C 70 2C 64";    $ exclusive output
    The fourth byte, '80,' is 128 decimal, and is the value expected for the Configuration Assembly, per this Beckhoff documentation:

    Configuring my Beckhoff master with this (128, not 0) finally allowed the connection to work. My attempts to use LAN3 were failing because of this issue:

    - Jay
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