How to get the RobotStudio Error Code from EventLogDomain in PC SDK?

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I would like to get the Error code "50050" from Robotstudio and perform some operations in RAPID via PC SDK.
From the EventLogMessage class, I can access only limited information about the message.
The number and sequence number properties are not unique to process.
How can I get the error code ?
Thanks in advance.

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  • peterj
    Hi, im nearly on the same problem. What informationen you get out with the EventLogMessage class?
  • DenisFR
    I've used RobotStudio.API.Internal.EventLogMessage
    With that, you can get .Msg.Domain and .Msg.Number.

    You can found an example here:

  • Hello @DenisFR,
    I have problem using the assembly that you shared. From the message number, I could see the last two digits map to the Error Code from Robotstudio.
    Please correct me if I am wrong,

    Hello peterj,
    Here is the information from the EventLogMessage for an error in Singularity

    I would like to have your inputs as well if this is correct.
    Thanks in advance.

  • vikram6892
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    Hello @DenisFR
    I did not have any problem in compiling my application.
    I just wanted to extract the error code and do some operations in my application based on the error code.
    I got the answer from you.
    Thanks a lot.
  • ZhangKeke
    Msg.Number is not the same as error code, Can anyone tell me how to get the error code such as "50050"
  • ZhangKeke
    I got, the error code is  error type * 10000 + number