IRC5 M2004 Controller

rwelborrwelbor Cleveland , NC
Long story short, we have had these controllers for about 12 years, spoke to ABB numerous times with no solution to problem. For some reason, some times when you make a backup of the system, and then reload with the backup, the program has syntax errors in it, or whole modules missing. The problem this creates, say I go through this weekend and makes backups of our 80 plus robots, then 6 months down the road, someone is forced to restore one of the robots, once it is restored the backup has the syntax errors. It seems from speaking to ABB we are stuck with the problem, so my question to the forum. Is there a way to verify the rapid program in the backup without having to reload the controller to check for syntax errors. Right now , when I make a backup, I turn right around and reload to make sure it is okay, if it has errors , I fix it in the controller. The problem is, it is time consuming, can't just do this while production is running, and when contractors are in making changes for new Cabs, it is challenging making sure we have good backups. If we bought the full version of robot studio for offline, will this software verify the program for syntax errors offline, and the backup fixed without involving the robot controller? Thanks , this is my first post on this forum, and you probably have a strange look on your face after reading this. One of ABB's fixes for the problem was to upgrade firmware, but they also warned against it because our firmware was customized to our application.


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    When you look at the backups on your computer do you see that it changes the order of the tasks?  Or that some are just empty?  When you say firmware do you mean robot baseware?  What version of baseware do you have?
    Lee Justice
  • rwelborrwelbor Cleveland , NC
     Only 1 Task, in side of the Task are multiple Modules , Only a  couple times have we had it empty out a Module. It is mainly just syntax errors . The Robotware is RW5.09_03.00.3029
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    OK, still not sure then what you mean by firmware.  I don't think that you need the premium license to create a system from a backup.  You should be able to do that, or just keep one test virtual controller into which you do restores from backup to verify.
    Lee Justice
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    Are all your module referenced in /SYSPAR/SYS.cfg #CAB_TASK_MODULES: ?
    Can you check if some off them don't have USB drive on their File property?
    You can check differences with working and not working backup with WinMerge.
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