Suggestion: 'Step out' functionality

This iniative applies on VC/RS and RC. 
'Step out' should be enabled whenever even one of the tasks has the PP outside the main routine level. Now the error "Step out: Not possible to step out of the routine where program execution was started" is raised in a multitasking system if the PP is on the main routine level in only one of the tasks. "Step out" is a really useful function but using it requires disabling the tasks which raise the error. That is far from practical. The current error message could be saved for situations where all the program pointers are on the main routine level. Or even better, in that case "Step out" could work exactly the same way as "step in" without any errors.


  • I still think this could be an improvement. Another thing is that 'Step mode: Next move instruction' could be available in Rapid Editor the same way it is available on FP. It should step the task which is visible in the active editor tab.