cross connection

MercedMerced Puebla,México
What is a cross connection?


  • DenisFRDenisFR FRANCE ✭✭
    It's like if you're programming your io signal.
    From System parameters documentation:
    Type description

    A cross connection is a logical connection between I/O signals of type digital (DO, DI) or group (GO, GI), that allow one or several I/O signals to automatically affect the state of other I/O signals.


    Using cross connections is a simple way to interconnect I/O signals and let the robot system handle I/O activity without having to execute any RAPID code.

    Cross connecting I/O signals is a good alternative if there is an input I/O signal in the process that, when activated, automatically activates one or several output I/O signals.

    It is also possible to construct more complex conditions by combining up to five different actor I/O signals with operators. The actor I/O signals can also be inverted.

  • MercedMerced Puebla,México
  • MercedMerced Puebla,México
    Have you worked with Safemove2 and CIP Safety

  • DenisFRDenisFR FRANCE ✭✭
    No, only with direct ProfiSafe, no CIP.
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