Motion is stuck after completion of interrupt

I'm trying to do a motion and when an Interrupt occurs, I want to stop the movement, go to a certain Point (or do a certain procedure) and start the next movement of the main program. I tried to make it work in the following way (simplified):

Start main procedure
> Interrupt
> StopMove; ClearPath; StorePath;
> some procedure
> RestorePath
> StartMove
Back to main program (a MOVEJ comes next)

First: Event though I don't really need it, it seems to me that I have to use StorePath and RestoPath?

Second: The program pointer continues to the main program after the TRAP is completed, but the motion pointer gets stuck in the last movement of the interrupt. I've tried several possibilities...

There is no real reason, why I need to make the program work the way I described it, it's mainly just for me to understand the logic behind the commands.


  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    It looks like you are storing the path after you are clearing it.  The end result that I would expect is that you are storing a null path.  Take out the clear path.
    Lee Justice
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