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Maximum speed for robot on 7th axis / track


The project i´m working on we have 2 robots on separate tracks using multimove.

The problem we have it that the robot ´crashes´ onto the hardstop of the track itself!
because of reachability I have  programmed positions at 5cm from the end of the track and so far it happened twice that the robot overshoots this position and crashed into the harstop, the track is correctly integrated in the system. Right now my V_LEAX is set to 1500mm/s

What i do know is due to the multimove we experience some kind of drop in performance. when the other robot is executing a certain part of the program (intensive series of movements) the other robot is more likely to end up in Motion Supervision when handling part or even moving slower.

I solved the problem with adding an extra position and reduce the speed in the last section of the trajectory.

But my question remains, what is the maximum linear speed for a robot on a external linear axis?


  • The carriage should not reach the hard stop it should stop on the soft limit which should be approximately 50 mm before the hard stop (for an ABB track).

    Check the upper and lower joint bound parameters in the motion configuration if you can jog the track to the hard stop.

    Also the system should not over shoot a robtarget (regardless of speed) if the system is setup correctly - tool/load data and additional loads (robot and carriage) and motion parameters for non ABB tracks.

    Multimove will not effect motion performance for an individual robtarget as each robot has its own axis (motion) computer (the main computer is shared so a series of short movements will slow performance as the main computer has to send the motion commands to each axis computer).

  • JeroenPels
    Thanks for your reply!

    The track we are using is an ABB track.
    The soft limits are programmed correctly, i can't jog the robot to the hard stop, the robot is prompted with out of range.
    The system setup is also correct, I use the correct Tool/load. Do i also need the specify a carriage load ? if yes, where?

    Also thank you for giving me a better insight in the multimove computer layout.
    But when this problem occurs it is possible that the other robot (100R1) got into motion supervision. Is it therefor possible that my robot (400R1) ¨missed the robtarget¨ because he was stopped due to the motion supervision and this has more priority over reaching a robtarget, and hereby overshoots the position ?

    Thank in advance
  • The Multimove manual states that if one robot has a collision all robots are stopped as if they also had a collision.

    As this is probably a priority stop the motion planner would not keep the robot/ track carriage on the planned path ......

  • JeroenPels
    as i suspected, thank you
  • Do you have any additional loads on the carriage apart from the robot?

    If so they need to be specified in the arm load parameter in the motion configuration file.

  • No I don´t have any additional load on the carriage.