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virtual flexpendant is completely white.


We have migrated from windows 7 to windows 10 and now that I open a system in RS 6.08 the flex pedant is completely white.

I got several different systems from backup (spot, glue, handling) and I also loaded PnG which I had done before the migration, has also tried to make GoOffline from RS when you are connected to a real controller, but the window on flex pedant is still white .
The RobotWare we have is 5.13.04 and 5.13.05.

Also tested with RS 6.05, RS 6.06, RS 6.07 but same problem.

We have some robots with RW 6.06 and if I make a system from backup on these, then the pedant work !   I'm going crazy.
Need to make it work, does anyone have an idea what can be wrong?

mvh / Jonny


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  • Yes, that was the problem.
     I got my laptop back a few days ago from the IT department and they had found this problem and installed
    Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable and now it works.
     But thank you for this answer.

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    I have the same situation, but when I install visual studio, the system always says that I have installed the updated version, but I still report an error after I uninstall it. May I ask if there is any way to fix it?