IRB2400L in RS 6.08

I need to use IRB 2400 L in RS 6.08 but it is not available in abb library , Is it possible add it . 
many thanks 


  • innebandyinnebandy Korea, South ✭✭

    You can manually import that model by clicking "Import Library" menu. The file is located at following folder.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\RobotStudio 6.08\ABB Library\Robots

    Hi, I also have the ABB IRB2400L. Specifically we have the old SC4 plus controller with the orange ABB IRB2400L. You can find the model in the ABB library and "others" folder. However, I cannot install the IRC5 virtual controller with RoboWare is not compatible with this model. Did you find any solution?
  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭
    You will need to use a 5.xx RobotWare as the many of the older models were not ported to the new 6.xx RobotWare.
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