Multimove station from backup / manipulators positionning


I have a backup from a real mulitmove controller with two manipulators.

When I create the station (from the backup), robotstudio creates the two manipulators.
Then, in the tree, i see the two manipulators, still ok.
I can change the name of both, still ok.

But when i want to move one of them, If i validate "to move the task frame", the second manipulator moves with the one (and always on the one) i want to move ???
I can  separate them only if I do not validate "to move the task frame" but at this time the wobj0 of the robot I move is not centered on it.

Is there anybody who has still met this ?


  • crashtest72crashtest72 FRANCE
    In fact, when I create a system from robotstudio with two manipulators and multimove, it appears that the wobj0 is the same for both (and it seems normal...) and when I position the second robot, I do not have to validate the moving of the task frame with it.

    When moved, the coordinates given by the second manipulator are correctly expressed in the base of the first.

    So no problem it seems to be normal...
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