Integrated vision combining tools

veritasveritas Mullsjö, Sweden
I need to cycle throw all pickable targets, using a while loop. This is no problem. I use PatMax patterns (1-10) for this. I also need to make sure that there is no objects too close to the one I am going to pick. For that I want to use contrast tool. I use the pattern as fixture and evaluates the passing of the contrast tool in the rapid program. The problem is that if the contrast tool passes on the first available target it will also pass on the others, even though there are objects closing in on those targets. I guess I could copy the tool and create ten of them, each for every pattern fixture. That will be a long list of tools that I would want to avoid.

Another way to get around this would be to aquire a new image every time the robot has picked a target and simply use the contrast tools pass as a condition to pick the found target. The only problem is that if the contrast tool doesn't pass, I will end up with the same found target on the next image.

I understand that the above might sound a bit confusing. My question is: Is there any way to avoid sending a target from the camera that has been recognized if the contrast tool is failing, and simply getting the target with the second best score instead?
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