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Controller cannot connect to Connected Services (Server rejection)

Using this tutorial as reference:

I'm trying to get registration code to use in My Robot and my controller cannot connect to Connected Services due to the server rejecting it.

I already assigned correct IP address and DNS servers to the WAN port of my IRC5 Compact, it is able to reach and retrieve the IP of the server but when it attempts to connect you can see the following info:

System Info -> Communication -> Connected Services -> 
Server connection:
- Status: Registration in Progress
- Connection status: Server error (HTTP 403 NO_CONTROLLER - Matching controller not found..
- Last updated: 00:00:05 ago
- Server name:
- Server IP:
- Server certificate name:
- Server certificate issuer: ABB Issuing CA 8
- Server certificate valid until: Apr 12 07:53:40 2020 GMT
- Controller time: Feb 01 19:07:06 2019 CLT
- DNS server:;53
- Network Information

- Last HTTP message: Register
- Last HTTP message time: 01:01:10 ago
- Last HTTP error: Error HTTP 403 NO_CONTROLLER - Matching controller not found..
- Next message: PerformPeriodicRegistration in 597 seconds
- Last command: Not available
- Script status: None
- Server Errors: 0/29/0/0/0/0/0

By this info provided here i suppose it has something to do with my controller (IRC5 Compact) not in the list of allowed controllers?

How can i connect to Connected Services with my controller?

Any comment is welcomed ...

Thank you!


  • IRC5 compact controllers with embedded connected services can connect.

    The controller will have the sticker with QR code for registration on the front if it has the embedded service.

    It seems like yours does as you have the option to enable it and the SIS entries for it.

    Ask you local ABB if they can see your controller from their side.

  • pasou
    Your controller is probably not part of any valid agreement or it is already connected with a service box.
  • Adnan
    Adnan admin


    You should contact your local ABB office who should help you. This controller never reached the abb server probably because of the setup or lack of agreement but if you setup your pc as the controller with the ip, mask and gateway and try to reach the server you will know if it works.

    If you want you can send me controller serial number and I can check on the server.

    Best Regards,