ABB IRB2400L ("IRB2400L_7_180__03.rslib" in RobotStudio 6.08) and virtual controller problem

Hi everybody,

We have an old ABB IRB 2400L (orange version). I am trying to use the model "IRB2400L_7_180__03.rslib" which is included in the ABB library ("others" folder) in RobotStudio 6.08. I can import this model in a station, however when trying to install the virtual controller with RobotWare 6.08.00, an error appears "this combination is not possible". How can I find a solution and why is this happening? I tried to install the oldest Robotware available in the website (, but it cannot be automatically imported, I tried to install it manually but it seems to be not recognized in RobotStudio.

Although we have an SC4plus controller, since this controller is not supported in the latest RobotStudio version, I'd like at least to simulate the ABB IRB 2400L model with the IRC5 controller.

Looking forwared for an answer.

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  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod
    You will need to use a 5.xx RobotWare as the many of the older models were not ported to the new 6.xx RobotWare.
  • MRR
    Dear Graemepaulin,

    Thank you for your answer, I actually tried to install RobotWare, which is the oldest distribution available in RobotStudio "Complements". However, I only can download it (it seems it cannot be added automatically such as the other RW 6.xx versions). When I download it I just installed it with the setup.exe but it does not work in RobotStudio.

    In any case I think it is now solved and might help to some users: I did exactly the same with the latest version of 5.xx, i.e., 5.61.08. Although in "complements" in RobotWare this system does not appear as "added" (I guess because the installing procedure is different with the 6.xx versions), I can create a station with the IRB2400L_7_180__03.rslib and load a VC with RobotWare 5.61.08. I have to carry out more tests but it seems it is working properly.