PC sdk UI instruction event is not fired when used with TPWrite command with \pos argument


I'm using PCSDK 6.03 and I am trying to capture TPwrite events as a an easy to use controller action log. However PCSDK does not capture tpwrite events that include \pos argument. To be precise the symbol ','. When ',' is used in TPwrite string PCSDK Rapid.UIInstruction.UIInstructionEvent is not fired.

Is this a known issue fixed in any of the new releases? My project requires the use of .Net 4.6 and SDK 6.03 is the final PC SDK version compatible with this .net version. Even if release notes state otherwise I tried them ALL. I think at 6.08 PC SDK version someone finally noticed that .net 4.6.1 is being used.... 

Also perhaps you have other suggestions for an easy to use log - just sending strings to a PC?