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How to connect camera to IRC5 Compact controller?

I am fairly new to using a camera with the IRC5 Compact controller. I wanted to know if I need an extra module added to use a camera or do I need to just plug the camera into the correct port (X4). I've seen an illustration here: but not sure what it means by 'switch'. In the illustration this is connected to the X4 port and then connected to different cameras and sensors. Also if I get a successful connection to the robot how can I start using the camera in robot studio and in the flexpendant.


  • You will need a switch if you have more than one device to connect to the port.

    To be able to start using the camera you will need one of t he vision options (most likely 1341-1 Integrated vision interface) - do you have this?

  • raj174
    Unfortunately, I don't think I do. I just have the Educational pack which I think doesn't include the integrated vision interface.
  • Yes unfortunately you are correct the educational package does not include integrated vision among the many included RobotWare option.
  • raj174
    Is it possible to interface with camera in any other way.?
  • AlexK
    AlexK ✭✭
    Not knowing what camera it is but if you have for example a Cognex ethernet camera (which has logic and processing power in it's own) you could probably communicate with it through PC Interface if thats one of the options you have using TCP protocol.
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    Alexander Källberg
  • moali

    Sorry to add but because it is related issue. I am currently running on IRC 5 controller with Cognex Camera. The controller has a vision interface added in. The issue is that the robot can not detect the camera although I have set the IP of both the robot and the camera to be static IP with in the same domain