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Force Control Help

Hi all thanks for the membership.

I work in a factory where we just got a IRB-4600 with Force Control, (Maybe as the first ones in Denmark)
Making the program, (Teaching,Learning and Export) we learned our self, by reading and trial/error.
But now we need make a more complicated program, where we need to turn axis 5 and 6 much more.
but its almost impossible to turn the robot in Teaching when FC is activ in Reorient, 

Here comes my questing. Is the a parameter we can change to make the robot easier to use, if the is which one?

Hope you guys can help Me/us

its a IRB-4600 with IRC5 controller with Flexpendant

Best regards
Peter Pedersen


  • graemepaulin
    You should not have force control active when jogging. 
    If you move the program pointer (pp) to another routine the controller will return to position ontrol. 
  • PeterBonde
    When i mean move easier its when FC is on. and only in teaching and Reorient, 
    when we turn on FC in FCSetup it moves easy.

  • graemepaulin

    Ok so you are saying that you have force control on and move the robot round by hand to program it (not jogging with the joy stick)?

    Now you are having to move axis 5 and 6 more and it is more difficult to move these axis by hand than the rest of the robot?

    I guess it depends on how big the tool on the end of the robot is (to give you more leverage), and how well you have set up force control so the axis have the minimum of resistance.

  • xerim
    I believe you can make the robot more sensitive to force by adjusting the damping component. Check out the  "damping" section in the application manual for Force Control