IRC5 Config TCP-IP with subnet mask

my setup is an irb140 on a IRC5 and i have a problem configuring a irc5 network connection.
In "bootserver"-mode (Restart Mode X) the irc5 is found by RobotStudio, but after a reboot to the standard software, the irc5 is not recogniced by RobotStudio. 
Even if I try to add its IP manualy.

I have double checked IPs and subnets:
PC:     172.20. 3.105

May it ignors the subnetmask setting? I will test this soon.

Has anyone a idea why it does not work? Is that a bug?


  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭

    Do you have the PC interface option on your robot system?

    RobotStudio requires this to connect via a network connection (will connect without it via the 'service port'.

  • pbuckpbuck Germany
    yes, i have the PC interface option on my robot system.
    And I have used exactly that irc5 with exactly that interface with exactly the same PC-System. But in a different network configuration.
    If only the last part of the IP adress is different with subnetmask it works.

    It seems that the system (i dont know if the IRC5 or RobotStudio) ignores the subnet settings.
    Can anyone confirm that bug?

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