Moving IRC5 Controller Option

I have two robot IRB 120 and IRB 1200 with compact controller. the controller has different options. 
1. IRB 120 option : PC interface and 748-1 DeviceNet Lean
2. IRB 1200 option : 709-1 DeviceNet Master/Slave
  888-3 PROFINET Device
  840-3 PROFINET Anybus Device
  616-1 PC Interface
  608-1 World Zones
  623-1 Multitasking
  642-1 PickMaster 3

I want to move option (Pickmaster 3, Provinet Device, provinet anybus device and multitasking) from IRB 1200 to IRB 120. is it possible?

Thanks in advance 


  • You will need to get a new RobotWare license from your local ABB.

    While it is possible for the options to be moved (removed from one license and added to the other), it is generally not done it is easy with old backups, copies of the license files, etc to rebuild the original system (from which the options were removed).......

  • So, its mean I should buy a new robotware license from ABB.
  • You should speak to them about it - the hardware can be moved no problem, just the RobotWare license gets a bit more complicated.
  • I have try switch manipulator from IRB 120 to IRB 1200 but it didn't work. because different in drive license