Working with PC SDK and RobotStudio SDK?

JrbrinkmeyerJrbrinkmeyer Wichita, Kansas
I've been working with PC SDK, making an external program to mess around with the robot controller. At this point though, I would like to add Frames and such to the RobotStudio station, through RobotStudio SDK. However, it would appear to me that RobotStudio SDK is meant for only RS addins. Is there a way to use RobotStudio SDK with my external program?


  • scottMHAscottMHA Luton, United Kingdom
    A quick test would suggest that its not easily possible. It appears the way you get the station object is reliant on the application being attached to robot studio and that you have a valid robot studio license. You could however try launching robot studio via the application and storing the object it creates and then get the station from that.

    Why wouldn't you integrate the application into RobotStudio as an addin? If you have a station open there's no benefit in having the program external. 
  • JrbrinkmeyerJrbrinkmeyer Wichita, Kansas
    The ultimate goal of the program is to connect multiple different programs together, in a way that wouldn't be possible for a RobotStudio addin to implement. Thanks for your response.
  • scottMHAscottMHA Luton, United Kingdom
    Ultimately a robot studio addin is no different to having say a external winform application, it's not restricted in anyway, I have multiple applications that mimic PLC logic, socket comms, material handling etc that all run in a adding whilst communicating to external programs so its all doable.

    Good luck with your development.
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