Error Handling/Collision handling within RAPID Code

Hello all,
     I am pretty new to RAPID coding, and i have been trying to run a simulation where i am intentionally trying to cause a collision between a tool on the end of a robot and an imported geometry object. The object is a break beam sensor with a simulated laser beam. I am trying to "collide" with the laser beam. I have tried to come up with different methods to get access to when the collision, but cant seem to find the key words in a google/PDF manual search. If there is a way to read messages, determine whether if a collision occurs, or if there is better way to determine within the rapid code to output that the "collision" has occurred, i am all ears. 

Let me know if anyone needs any more info on what exactly i am doing, i can give more specifics if necessary.

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  • nquattro1996
    It was for Virtual system, and that worked, setting up a collision system mapping the sensor out to a signal then using a searchL worked perfectly. the only thing is now how to modify a toolframe within code, if you happen to have the answer