How to use ABB's PC SDK in Unity?


I am working on a project which requires communicating with an ABB robot via a Unity application and for that reason I need to use the PC SDK. However I am having trouble to implement it in Unity.

My question is:

First is it even possible to use the PC SDK from Unity? If yes, how should I include the PC SDK in my Unity project?

Many thanks in advance!


  • juancarlosgjuancarlosg Colombia
    edited September 2019
    Hello ABB community
    I have the same question ¿Is it possible to use ABB PC SDK to control a robot from an application developed in UNITY3D using C#?
    I appreciate your comments and your help
  • game4automationgame4automation germany
    I don't think this is possible because unity needs a pure dll.

    We are using in Game4Automation OPCUA to connect with ABB Robot Studio.  See here 
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