simulate ES,GS,SS Safety signals

daniel72 Germany
ES, GS, AS are defined in SafeMove as safe signals, if I activate this configuration offline in RS6.08 I get the error: 90541 Superior-Stop from SC-Controller
How can I simulate SS, ES, GS, SS signals permanently in the virtual controller
I see the signals ES,AS and GS in i/o-table and can set to 1  but how can i get SS to run?



  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod

    In the real controller the SafeMove 2 PCI board is wired into the SS circuit (so it stops the robot by opening the SS circuit).

    So in the virtual world I suppose the safety conditions in SafeMove 2 have to be met, then SafeMove will make the SS circuit (set it to 1).

  • daniel72
    daniel72 Germany
    ABB has just informed me that simulating safe signals will work from next available Verison RS 6.09