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Connection between RobotStudio and SoftPLC (Codesys Conntrol Win V3)

Dear ABB Community,

I've been trying to connect RobotStudio 6.07.01 (64bit) and a SoftPLC named CoDeSys Control Win V3 for three weeks now. The goal is to use the SoftPLC to control different functions (e.g. I/O signals of a robot) in RobotStudio. The corresponding PLC programming is done in CoDeSys V3.5 SP13 Patch 1.

Does someone of you have any experiences/ideas in this topic and can help me directly?

I have already tried the following possibilities:

- Firstly, the SoftPLC, which runs locally on the computer, was started. I wasn't able to find this SoftPLC in RobotStudio via "Add Controller".

- Secondly IRC5 was used to create an OPC server from ABB, which recognizes the robot IRC 14000. Also the signals could be processed by the server. Furthermore, an OPC server from CoDeSys can be executed. However, they cannot communicate with each other. (I do not have the knowledge how to OPC Servers communicate with each other.)

- The next possibility i considered was to establish the communication via Shared-Memory. Whereby no detailed documentation could be found on the Internet. For this reason I could not pursue this possibility further.


I am very grateful for every helpful answer.

Yours sincerely

Felix W.


  • svoldgaard
    svoldgaard ✭✭
    edited March 2020
    Any luck with you Project?

    I have a AC500v2, I want to simulate in Robotstudio.

    I have read that ABB has something called virtual commissioning, which should be able to simulate a PLC in Robotstudio.
    Does anyone know if that is true, and hvor does it work?