Multiple robtarget to Calculate Joint Target

Hi everyone,

I am building dataset for an application, in this way, I generated XYZ random points in a custom socket based API to calculate with CalcJointT function the Theta values for ABB robot. I need a lot of data, for that reason using 200 thousand of XYZ random points, CalcJointT function delayed 3.5 hours with the API communication, but I need more points. Today I tried to calculate >700 thousand of Theta points, but ETA is more or less 15 hours.

Is it possible to have an XYZ (robtarget) array to use CalcJointT in a FOR loop for example?

VAR jointtarget jointpos1:=[...];
VAR robtarget p1{750.000};
VAR num pos_x{750.000};
VAR num pos_y{750.000};
VAR num pos_z{750.000};
p1.trans.x := pos_x;
p1.trans.y := pos_y;
p1.trans.z := pos_z;
jointpos1 := CalcJointT(p1, tool1 \WObj:=wobj1);

is this possible?

I need to decrease Theta calculation.

Best regards. 


  • MatsVMatsV Västerås admin
    Hi jstoquica
    The answer is both Yes and No.
    sure you can use an array but there is limitation to how big an array can be (How many elements)
    However I doubt that this will increase the calculation speed

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