Multiple robtarget to Calculate Joint Target

Hi everyone,

I am building dataset for an application, in this way, I generated XYZ random points in a custom socket based API to calculate with CalcJointT function the Theta values for ABB robot. I need a lot of data, for that reason using 200 thousand of XYZ random points, CalcJointT function delayed 3.5 hours with the API communication, but I need more points. Today I tried to calculate >700 thousand of Theta points, but ETA is more or less 15 hours.

Is it possible to have an XYZ (robtarget) array to use CalcJointT in a FOR loop for example?

VAR jointtarget jointpos1:=[...];
VAR robtarget p1{750.000};
VAR num pos_x{750.000};
VAR num pos_y{750.000};
VAR num pos_z{750.000};
p1.trans.x := pos_x;
p1.trans.y := pos_y;
p1.trans.z := pos_z;
jointpos1 := CalcJointT(p1, tool1 \WObj:=wobj1);

is this possible?

I need to decrease Theta calculation.

Best regards. 
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