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Looping a program

Hello I've made a program in RoboDK software and got it to run on the ABB 6400 150 robot. 

I would like to have it running in auto-mode and have it looping constantly. 

I'm unable to find a configuration on the teachpendant to do this (sc4) even in auto mode. 

Any help would be appreciated, bit on a deadline ^^ 


  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    Encapsulate your program inside WHILE TRUE DO
                                                              "your program here"
    Lee Justice
  • hello 

    how can i write an infinite (unconditional) loop in ABB S4C plus?

  • If only going to run in Auto use: 
    WHILE OpMode()=OP_Auto DO
       "your program here"
    If Auto and Manual it should loop, add an IF statement for each Mode inside the While Loop.

    Not sure if its the correct description for S4C.
  • thanks for reply @jmf

    Is it possible to write OpMode()=OP_Auto statement in TPU?

  • It should be. Insert a Normal WHILE Instruction and edit the parameters via ABC/EDIT.