Impossible to test program?


I'm a student from Belgium and got an assignment to make a program in the RAPID programming environment. 
Part of this program has to measure the height of an object. 
We do this by hovering over the object and then lowering the arm until a sensor that is mounted to the robot reads a distance below 40mm.

So i made said program (attached below) and wanted to see if i could make sure it was going to work when i get to test it on the robot itself. 

This is however were the fun begins. If i just open the program and check it for syntax errors in RAPID it says its all good. 
If i then try and simulate said program it will start giving me an error at line 29 around the first "test teller" part. 
I was wondering if this was because as far as i'm aware there's no way to simulate the sensor to measure the distance at the end of the robot (or at least not achievable within a reasonable amount of time).

And because the sensor will never be simulated it will stay in the loop forever and that is what is really causing the error.

I would love to know why you guys think i'm getting this error.




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    Hi, just remove your comments inside both Test instructions.