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Syncing Robtargets to Station

I'm attemtping to sync a module from the VC back into the virtual controller.  The module is loaded into the VC and several datas are created to keep syntax errors from coming up.  When I sync to station I only get a list of paths contained in the module, but there are no robtargets.

Am I missing something or is this not possible yet?


  • Please clarify what you are syncing to.  VC to Station or Station to VC .

  • Hi
    If declared targets are used in motion instructions they will be syncronized(show up as targets in the station) when you synconize from VC to Station.

    If you don't have the targets in normal motion instructions like MoveL,J or C you probably need to setup Instruction templates in RS so the sync engine recognize thoose motion instructions. For example Arc motion instructions.

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  • DanS
    DanS ✭✭

    Ack...I didn't even notice my mistake until just now.  To clarify...I'm syncing from the VC to the Station.

    I've changed my instruction templates for my MoveL, MoveJ, etc.  I've only change a few of the values for zone, speed, etc.  I'll continue to try various things and see if I can get targets to import.  Right now the paths show up, but are empty and no robtargets are present.

    I'll post my results if I have any.

  • DanS
    DanS ✭✭

    Alright...a little more detail:

    -I'm trying import paths/instructions back into the station after originally being created in AWPP.  These paths contain weld and tactile search instructions.

    -I managed to import the paths after creating a similar path with all the same data (sm1, wv1, wd1, peOffSet_1, vCellSpeed, etc) and then syncing to the VC.  I then did a "Sync Process Data to Station" from ArcWeld and was able to bring all the necessary data back into the station.  Only then was I able to import my paths correctly.  How RS5.08 handles instruction data seems cryptic or even absent.

    -HOWEVER:  When trying a non-default pose data on my search instructions (peOffSet_1) the targets come in, but only as MoveLs.  What am I missing?

    DanS2007-3-6 18:45:31