Window layout and customize commands

Okay, i seem to have a problem with theese two.

First i run dual monitors and have my own "setup" of the differents windows and tabs on screen. Silly thing is that i cant seem to find anywhere to save like a preset or layout.

Second, when i customize new button bindings the program dosent save them. So i have to set them again after i restart RS. Only solution ive found is to set the commands then export them to desktop and import them upon starting RS.

Been browsing trough the program for a few hours today but cant seem to find anything that fix this



  • RobotdudeRobotdude Sweden
    forgot to mention that im running the latest version of RS
  • I assume you are working with Visual Studio because you mentioned button bindings etc.

    There is an easy command in RobotStudio API to save window configuration: UIEnvironment.SaveWindowConfiguration(saveconfig);
    saveconfig is the name of a TextWriter Stream to a file. Here you can save the window configuration to a .txt file. Will look something like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <WindowConfiguration appName="RobotStudio" appVersion="6.8.8148.134" screenWidth="1920" screenHeight="1200" minScreenWidth="532" minScreenHeight="372">
      <MainForm left="2377" top="-99" width="1030" height="475" windowState="Maximized" ribbonMinimized="False" />
        <DockElement dock="Left" size="572" />
        <DockElement dock="Left" size="591" />
        <DockElement dock="Right" size="358">
            <DockedWindow id="PropertyWindow" caption="Properties" visible="False" activeTab="False" floating="False" autoHide="False" />
            <DockedWindow id="DocumentManager" caption="Documents" visible="False" activeTab="False" floating="False" autoHide="False" />
        <DockElement dock="Left" size="248">
            <DockedWindow id="GraphicBrowser" caption="Graphics" visible="True" activeTab="False" floating="False" autoHide="False" />

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