Bugs in Smart Components?

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here and I'm new at RobotStudio. I'm facing some trouble when starting and stopping the simulation using smart components. At first everything works fine and it's all behaving "logically correct" but at some point (maybe if I stop it, back and play again) I start seeing some smart components not acting as supposed to (receiving "1" at Execute but not executing, etc.). It feels like a bug or something but it's weird. I usually force their signals manually and after stopping and starting again it works fine. It's a little bit frustrating because that way I can not trust the logic to work when designing. 

May I be doing something wrong? Is there any way to completely reset all the smart components or the entire NET just after "Play" from simulation?

Thanks in advance!

This is an example of the "Bug":

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    You can save the simulation state in simulation logic as below.

    In simulation setup you can choose which saved state to us reset to upon starting a simulation.

     You can also manual reset to a saved state using the arrow below the reset button.

    All accessed from the simulation tab to the left hand side - as shown below.

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    Hey there,

    Thank you for your quick reply! Althought it helps, I have already found another way to solve that problem. By default all sensor have its "Active" input set to "1". I created a "SimulationEvent" and a"LogicSRLatch" smart component and what I ended up doing was triggering the "set" with "play" and the "reset" with "stop". Then the output of the "LogicSRLatch" is what activates ALL the sensors used. This way only when I start the simulation all the sensors get activated and the system is "refreshed", so to say.

    Hope it helps anyone. Thanks again!

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