How to create new object on conveyor by signal?

 Hi, I can't understand how to simulate object's appearance by signal on conveyor. By default, objects appear through the same distance or "Pitch" (see picture).

But in reality, objects appear spontaneously and I want to control it by DO signal.


  • Dmitry
    Dmitry ABB Latvia
    It looks like it's impossible with this component.
    Do you want to simulate Conveyor Tracking functionality, or you just need to simulate moving objects on a surface?
    If first, then I think you have no other option than simulate "worst case" when object appear with minimum time period.
    If second, you can try to create your own conveyor with Smart Components (Linear Mover + Queue + Source), also a Sensor smart component to stop the linear mover...
  • egor
    egor Moscow
    Dmitry said:
    Do you want to simulate Conveyor Tracking functionality
    Yes, exactly. I need to simulate camera synchronius switch by this signal. I think it will be simpler to create my own smart component.