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SafeMove2 Motors stay on after Violation


I have run into an issue with SafeMove2 Pro configuration. I have Set up a safe zone with Tool position supervision the TPO is permanently active, allow inside, category1 stop. You can see the settings in the enclosed image. The configuration also contains tool data imported from RAPID and geometries for tool and arm.
The safety controller is synchronized.
The issue is when I violate the safe zone either with arm or the controller the robot doesn't actually stop. I receive a message on pendant about safety violation, but motors remain in ON state.
I am using virtually the same setting on another controller just with different geometries and the robot arm stops in both manual and auto.
Any ideas what could be different or what is causing this behavior?
Thank you


  • j_proulx
    Verify that the Superior Stop contacts have not been jumpered out. SM2 uses Superior Stop to turn off the run chain.