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External Axis and WorkObject Position Missmatch


i am Working with one External Axis to Move the Robot at it self on the X-Axis. I configured the External Axis with the External Axis Wizard - AddIn.

I have 3 WorkObjects (Red arrows) and one teached in Position (green arrow).

The Problem is, when telling the Robot to move to the green "teached-in" Position:          MoveJ LKAblageFKT,v100,z50,LkGreifer\WObj:=FKT3;

The Robot is not driving to the teached-in Position. Atleast i have to set the external Axis value to Zero to reach the right position.

When I randomly Change the Value of the external Axis (form 0 to 300)  the actuall Robot Position in Robot Studio starts moving away...

The Robot Position on FlexPedant stays the same ?!? (see Table below)

In the System-Konfiguration both (External and Rob) Base-Coordinatesystems match ?


Hopefully somebody can help me with this issue :)

Many Thanks in advance !!!