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Create your own geometry with virtual controller

Dear ABB Community, 

I'm in the process of building a modular system of subcomponents in RobotStudio. Therefore single objects are connected by a controller. The goal is to build a modular system that communicates with each other. 

The possibility to add robot systems with the respective robots is well known (i.e. by integrating the controller, which also generates the physical one at the same time). 

Is it now possible to connect a single controller (with Rapid, I/O list etc.) to an (selfmade-) object? It should also create the SmartComponent for the station logic, so that you can also access the I/O list. 

For example, modular [self-made] conveyor belts can be inserted into the system at will, so that I can program everything using a SoftPLC.

So, by inserting a robot system, the self-made object and controller should appear.

Does someone know how i can insert my own geometry with a virtual controller?

Yours sincerely