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Cannot change Option for 617-1 Flex Pendant interface

Hi guys,
i'm new to RobotStudio.
At first, i have a robot program with RAPID code. And this program is working fine in customer production floor now.
But right now, i would like to enhance the program by adding extra application which is created using ScreenMaker. For try and error, i will create one button to move the robot from one to another point.
I was using Robotstudio 6.08.01 (32 bits) and know where to select "617-1 FlexPendant Interface" which under "Change Option Tab". But the problem is i could not tick the checkbox all inside the options. The message display is "An error occurred when selecting 617-1 FlexPendant interface. See Output for details". But i dunno where to see the Output.

And I tried to create new fresh robot system and tick the "Customized option" before select "Create" button. After that, go to change option tab and select 617-1, and design simple screenmaker for testing. Result is the Application is displayed and well when Start Virtual Pendant.

Can anyone tell the reason why i cant select option when restore program from a backup program and how to solve this. Thanks ya.