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Is there a way to Modify robTarget Position Through The App created from Screen Maker App

Hi Dear all,
For above question, i would like to avoid operator go to Program Editor to modify position from Pendant. So i have created a App to allow them to modify position from inside.
But i dunno what command to use in button to copy current position to the variable i have defined. Can anyone help me on this. It is quite urgent. Thanks all. 


  • DenisFR
    DenisFR ✭✭✭
    First, Can you access your robtarget (print its value to Screen)?
    After, you have to get Current robot position. Warning, you'll get it with current tool and wobj.
    Then save it to your data.
    Which step do you stop?
  • Hi Denis,

    My idea is Operator select the step 6 and press GO Button. Robot will move to the position. Then operator will have to manually go to JOGGING page in pendant and jog further down a bit, and back to this application and press TEACH Button. So, i think i will write some code to teach this position into Step 6. But i really dunno if there is any code to access as i am new to robotstudio, and havn't go any course.

    This is simple example to test my idea.

  • DenisFR
    DenisFR ✭✭✭
    In Rapid all robarget data are named. It's not index like other brand.
    You can find information into FP SDK API reference and I found an example for your application here: