How to get output signals in IRC5 Compact controller?

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Hey guys. I've read and searched a lot about IO signals. There are lots of discussion in this regard but I still couldn't solve my problem. Here are the points that I think might be important if you wanna help me:
1- I have a compact IRC5 controller. The NS and MS LEDs on the exterior side of the controller are off(I don't know if those LEDs should be on or not!)
2- I made a device in I/O system menu based on the DSQC 651 Combi I/O device template:

           Address: 10 __ Vendor ID: 75 __ Product code: 26 __ Device type: 7 __ Connection output size: 2 __  Connection output size: 2

   A_ Are these numbers ok?  B_ Is there any other option for "address"?  C_ Does the controller have 651 or 652 board?
3- I made a Digital output signal and set the mentioned device for that. Device mapping : 0   (I read something about this mapping number should start from 32 for 651 device, but it resulted into an error stating it should be 16 bytes! I guess I have a 652 board! True?)
4- Again I read something about supplying power to XS12 (pin 9 &10) from XS16 (pin 2&1) respectively. I have 24V current in XS16 So I did connect the pins.
5- I used a multimeter to see if I have any current on the pin 0 in XS12 after changing the signal status; I don't!  I also tried XS 14 and the result was the same.

Anybody please could help me with the issue? 

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  • Hi

    1. I´dont know. Maybe the LED´s are for external DN.

    2. You need to know which board is installed. Maybe check the order or open the controller to find it out.

    You can find predefined configuration-files on the SD-card in the controller (see picture for directory). You can simply load the correct file to the IO-Configuration (Choose "Load Parameters and replace duplicates)

    If you do this you have solved point 3.

    4+5: This depends on the board you have installed:

    DSQC652 (16DI and 16DO):

    XS12 (DI1-8) and XS13 (DI9-16): Connect 0V to Pin 9

    XS14 (DO1-8) and XS15 (DO9-16): Connect 0V to Pin 9 and 24V to Pin 10

    DSQC651 (8DI, 8DO, 2AO):

    XS13 (DI1-8): Connect 0V to Pin 9

    XS12 (DO1-8): Connect 0V to Pin 9 and 24V to Pin 10

    XS14 is used for AO

  • MFBMFB United States
    @Hoki @graemepaulin
    Thank you both for the reply. As you mentioned, the module inside the controller is DSQC65. I fed XS14 with 0 and 24 V from XS16. Magically it's sending my Digital output signals, but :
    When my signal is OFF/False/0, it sends 24V to the pin and when I turn the signal ON/True/1 the current would be 1.5 like all other ports in XS14 that have 1.5 V current!
    But NS & MS LEDs are still off (if that matters at all!).

    @graemepaulin You mean I should connect the X1 or X2 and X3 or X4 to the source of power on the main module inside the controller?
    I Don't know the generation of the controller! do you see it on the attached info label?

    Now, I have also a new question: I heard that I can receive the signal on the robotic arm. I think I see the output but I have no clue how to use it and avoid making a mess around the controller.
  • MFBMFB United States
    @graemepaulin Thank you so much man, that helped. It was really vague and I couldn't find any visual documentation for that. You inspired me to make a short Youtube video and explain how it works for those who later looking for the same issue.
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