Change the workobject connected with the conveyor

I have a robot Irb360 and a conveyor with QueueTracker.
When i create connected workobject like "wobjCnv:=[FALSE,FALSE,"CNV1".....], i get userframe corresponding to the base frame of robot.
Manual change of uframe doesnt work. When the CNV1 is activated, the wobj becomes the base.

Is there a way to turn and displace this workobject as i need?


  • YuGo
    YuGo Italy - SSG
    Hi @Levie, probably I don't have the point of your question but tipically the user frame of a conveyor workobject is define using the four point calibration (FTP menu, calibration, CNV1, 4 points...) and the first point is the origin of the workobject.
    Otherwise you can modify the uframe in the MOC of the robot (Configuration, Motion, Single, CNV1, base frame X,Y,Z and quaternion..).

    Regards, U.
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