Signal control loop

i'm trying to set the power of an external device connected via bus while the robot moves.
This output power is related to the actual tcp speed of the robot.
There should a couple of ways to achieve this:
- Parallel thread that read the speed, do calculations and write the signal on the bus
- Cross connect the signals(not sure analog signals can be cross connected) and try to use the cross signals logic to do control
- PC SDK to read the signal, do calculation and put it on the bus
- Teach pendant sdk, develop an app on the teach pendant that read the robot speed, do computations and write the output signal on the bus.
My questions are:
are theese methods all feasible?
which method is the fastest?
are there another ways to do this?



  • EricH
    I would recommend a parallel thread. I don't know how you want to achieve this with a cross connection. The logic operators are only OR and AND.

    What exactly do you mean by fastest? Do you mean the time to implement or how much calculation resources the solution costs or lag time?
  • soup
    soup ✭✭✭
    +1 for doing it in a background task