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IRC 5 vs D652 I/O Connection/ Communication

Hi...i am very new to robotics/ programming and electronics, so pardon the vagueness in technical explanations below. Kindly have the patience to read the post. We are in desperate mode now :)

What i learned about devicenet is from the link below

The setup we have is an ABB IRB 6600 with an IRC 5 controller. There are two I/O devices that came with the device, a D652 I/O and a DSQC 352A. We are trying to read inputs from an optical distance sensor through D652 I/O to be used in the robot program, but things are not happening with the D652.
  • I do not have access to Robot Studio, all the programming is done via the teach pendant. The I/O bus is named as Devicenet1
  • The 352A is at logic address 10 whereas the D652 is at logic 11. 
  • The D652 LED for Module Status shows Green, but the network status blinks red at startup but then remain off afterwards. (same at 352A aswell)
  • The status of the devicenet I/O bus shows "startup", whereas the virtual and default are seen as "running"  
  • 24V DC and ground are connected to pins at output header X1. 
  • NC is connected to 24V, Ground is connected pin 0V at input header X1. (I don't think this is correct!, i imagine NC is supposed to be not connected?)
  • D652 is mapped to a unit named BOARD11 under I/O>Unit. Please see snapshots of wiring and the various device settings from the teach pendant   
  • With all the network wires connected at X5, and when i disconnect all the DC wires, the Module Status green light is still ON, bringing me to the assumption that the board is powered by the V+ and 0V at the header X5, and therefore the green light at MS.
  • Once the I/O board is detected by Devicenet, i will try to setup inputs and outputs
  • can someone please respond to this situation and also answer to the queries below:Why is the NS light not switching on?Why is the devicenet I/O bus showing only "startup" where the other ones are running?What is the NC pin at X3/ X4 header? Does it need to be connected to the 24 V DC? what will happen if that is connected to the 24V DC? Will it fry the board?Best RegardsRahulThe Robot leads now, we humans are trying hard to score back :) so any help is much appreciated :):)