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ABB VR/ AR Virtual Reality Augmented Reality

Hi sir/maam.

I have tried VR and AR system then it was nice.

But I have found in Youtube that we could jog robot in AR/VR then move it with real robot. 

I try to find source about those, but I couldn't. 

Did anyone who try those things??

Thank for reading!


  • juancarlosg
    edited September 2019
    I am working on something similar, I developed an application in unity3d using vuforia (a sdk for augmented reality) to move the robot using AR, but I could not communicate the application with robotstudio, someone knows how to communicate unity3d with robotstudio?
    Thank you
  • We are using OPCUA wihtin Game4Automation to communicate, see here:

    Game4Automation is a Unity Asset which also includes OPCUA interface for Unity: