[RobotStudio SDK] Placing a toolwindow


I'm creating a RS addin and want to place a toolwindow over the ObjectBrowser, but I don't know how. I'm able to place it in the ObjectBrowser, but I don't know the name to place it over (like the Create Box one). I was looking at the api reference, but "UIEnvironment.Windows" doesn't list the "places" options available.

¿Where can I found the "places" options available?
ToolWindow tw = new ToolWindow("MyToolWindow");
tw.Caption = "Floating ToolWindow."; 
UIEnvironment.Windows.AddTabbed(tw, UIEnvironment.Windows["ObjectBrowser"] as ToolWindow);<br>

Placed in the ObjectBrowser.

Where I want it (I moved it manually).



  • Sergio Puime
    I manege to solve the problem with the "AddDocked Method"

    AddDocked(ToolWindow, DockStyle, ToolWindow)

    UIEnvironment.Windows.AddDocked(tw, System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle.Top, UIEnvironment.Windows["ObjectBrowser"] as ToolWindow);