Why is our IRC5 teach pendant touch screen not responding.

CeloCelo Saskatchewan
Hi guys,

The touch screen on our IRC5 teach pendant stopped responding to anything. The buttons still work, only the touch screen failed. We have another robot that works fine, and we tried connecting the pendant from the "good robot" to the non-working robot, and the same thing happens. First thing we tried was checking the ethernet connection for the TP, and it was good. We tried the hard reset button at the back of the pendant. We also tried holding programmable key 1 and the stop button while disconnecting and reconnecting the TP cable, but nothing seems to work.

I would like to do a system restore, but I need a working teach pendant to do that. Is there a way to restore a system without a teach pendant? Or is there anything else we can try to fix the issue?



  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Are you saying that you hot swapped the pendant?  I only do that when there is no other option.  Power down and then swap pendants, then power back up.
    Lee Justice
  • CeloCelo Saskatchewan
    We powered down before swapping pendants, but the pendant from the good robot also didn't respond when tapping the touch screen. This makes me think that the problem isn't with the teach pendant but in something else.
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